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Premier Developers is an agency that infuses innovative branding and strategic marketing concepts early on in the architectural process. Our team of diverse and experienced problem solvers utilize a unique approach, which allows us to pinpoint value-add opportunities and ensure that the design of the building or space is aligned to target demographic desires.

Selected Projects

20 Grand

Location: Englewood, New Jersey

Size: 168,000 sq ft

Year: 2022

Website: live20grand.com

The Essex

Location: Belleville, New Jersey

Size: 219,000 sq ft

Year: 2022

Website: livetheessex.com

The Alexa

Location: Montvale, New Jersey

Size: 81 townhomes

Year: 2021

Website: livethealexa.com


Location: Cliffside Park, New Jersey

Size: 24,000 sq ft

Year: 2022



Location: Fort Lee, New Jersey

Size: 62,000 sq ft

Year: 2022

Website: livedoma.com

Our Services

Premier Developers has engaged fundamentally in electrical and concrete services allowing it to have precise control on the quality of their projects from ground up.

Each design decision is guided by a deep appreciation for and understanding of the integral architectural, artistic, cultural, civic, environmental, and economic forces that shape a project. This rigorous, research-based approach has helped to establish PD as a leader in the revitalization of post-industrial neighborhoods and historic districts with projects that are imbued with a distinct sense of place and purpose.

You Can See The Process Of Our Partners:

Premier Concrete Systems

Our President & Founder

    Peter Tiflinsky has been a reputable builder in the Bergen/Hudson county area for over 2 decades. Mr. Tiflinsky is a high quality builder, with a sense of pride that translates into true value for the buyer. He is innovative, attentive and committed to building quality homes with unique designs and features.
    Peter Tiflinsky maintains a strong, trendsetting presence in the development of luxury homes and rentals; He has built a rock solid reputation along the way.
    His ability to purchase real estate and obtain approvals that are beneficial to the community, has gained him the respect of all district professionals.  His exquisite taste and impeccable eye for detail is evident in all his construction. Responsible for working closely with engineers, sharing his knowledge of technical specifications and their implementation and monitoring details and progress of his designs and plans.
    Working hand in hand with architects, from creating a conceptual design, to spec research, regulatory compliance, interior and exterior detailing, to a final plan that promises a prime time real estate sale, Peter Tiflinsky is a master of modern creativity!
    Mr. Tiflinsky is constantly present at the planning and zoning boards in Hudson, Essex, and Bergen County. This luxurious 81 unit gated community in Montvale, NJ The Alexa, is named after his daughter. He continues to redefine himself by currently attaching his name to the multifamily industry. Premier Developers LLC and Peter Tiflinsky are well funded by local banks and partners.

News Blog

Grand opening of 20 Grand - our latest apartment complex in the heart of Englewood, New Jersey.

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Interview: Meet the founder of Premier Developers, Peter Tiflinsky.

A close-up interview with the founder and tour around the latest project in Englewood, NJ - 20 Grand.

Dolores Catania's new residence at the Alexa in Montvale, NJ

The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member shared the reason behind her new residence in Montvale, New Jersey.

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